DTV Drain Tempering Valve


The Drain Tempering Valve (DTV) may be used in applications where a high temperature discharge flow to a drain/sewer must be tempered with cold water. The DTV is installed into the drain line such that the hot effluent passes over the thermal actuator of the DTV and this thermal actuator controls the cold-water inlet port. 

To learn more about our DTV and to see available sizes take a look at our Drain Tempering Valve (DTV) Product Sheet.

For DTV installation, check out Drain Tempering Valve (DTV) Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

Take a look at our Drain Tempering Valve (DTV) Sell Sheet for specifications, sample calculation, and ordering information.

To help you choose the right size valve for your application you will need to calculate the flow rate. Check out our Drain Tempering Valve (DTV) Flow Calculator for assistance.

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