GURU® DL2.1 Locomotive Freeze Protection Valve


The GURU® DL2.1 is the most widely used and proven diesel locomotive freeze protection valve in the world. This self-operating valve is designed to constantly monitor water temperature and automatically snap open to drain a locomotive's engine cooling system should the temperature drop close to freezing.

The stainless steel GURU® Cartridge releases itself from its body at a pre-set water temperature (35°F or 40°F), rather than being forced out by the tremendous pressure of expanding ice. This provides almost a full one inch bore to rapidly drain a typical locomotive’s engine coolant system before damage can occur.

To learn more about our GURU® DL2.1 and to see design features please take a look at our GURU® DL2.1 Product Sheet.

For GURU® DL2.1 installation, take a look at our GURU® DL 2.1 Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

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