GURU® DL2.1 CH & CHS Locomotive Compressor Head Freeze Protection


The GURU® DL2.1 CH and CHS are sell-operating freeze protection valves for locomotive water cooled air compressor heads. These completely mechanical valves require no electricity or air connections to operate and are not affected by air flow or air temperature surrounding valve. These valves will sense the water temperature and only release open to drain the system when the cooling water reaches the valve's set-point (35°F or 40°F) to prevent a freeze up.

Both valves can easily be retrofitted into any water-cooled air compressor head, but the GURU® CHS was specifically designed to adapt to Gardner Denver’s compressor set cooling system which is the most common compressor on EMD’s SD70 locomotives.

To learn more about our GURU® DL2.1 CH and CHS and to see design features please take a look at our GURU® DL2.1 CH & CHS Product Sheet.

For GURU® DL2.1 CH and CHS installation, take a look at our GURU® DL2.1 CH & CHS Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

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