Magnum GURU® Locomotive Freeze Protection Valve


The Magnum GURU® Plug is a self-operating thermostatic drain valve that responds to engine coolant temperature in a diesel locomotive's cooling system. Installed at the lowest point in the coolant system, the valve senses the water temperature and will snap open to drain the system when the temperature reaches the valve's set-point (35°F or 40°F) to prevent engine freeze ups. 

The Magnum GURU® Plug is capable of providing a higher discharge capacity than the standard GURU® DL2.1 Plug. With an almost 1.2-inch bore, the Magnum GURU® drains twice as fast as the standard GURU® Plug to rapidly drain a locomotive before freeze damage can occur.

To learn more about our Magnum GURU® and to see design features please take a look at our Magnum GURU® Product Sheet.

For Magnum GURU® installation, take a look at our Magnum GURU® Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

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