1″ GURU PC Passenger Train Car Freeze Protection Valve


The GURU PC® freeze protection valve protects potable water bearing systems on passenger train cars from freezing when the car heat is turned off for switching locomotives, during layovers or a power outage. Utilizing our thermostatic technology, this valve monitors ambient temperatures and will automatically drain the system before freezing temperatures can cause burst pipes and tanks, resulting in expensive and lengthy repairs.

To avoid a delay in refilling the water system and getting the car back into service after a valve activation we recommend using our electric heater assembly. The heater attaches to the thermal actuator on the valve and will warm it up quickly once power is restored to the car. This allows the valve to close and the system to be refilled as quickly as possible after a drain occurrence.

To learn more about our 1″ GURU PC® and to see design features please take a look at our 1″ GURU PC® Product Sheet.

For 1″ GURU PC® installation, take a look at our 1″ GURU PC® Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

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