EcoFlow® mechanical seal water support valve is used on pumps with double mechanical seals to monitor and control the seal flush water. This valve provides an optimum seal environment for double mechanical seals, while drastically reducing water consumption and significantly increasing cost savings.

This thermostatic valve automatically monitor and control the seal water temperature. Normally closed, the valve will open when the water temperature goes above the valve's set-point, discharging the hot water and replacing it with cool water which causes the EcoFlow® to modulate closed again and repeat the cycle.

If the seal water should exceed your specified factory set point the valve will modulate open discharging the hot water, displacing it with cool water. This cooler water will cause the EcoFlow® to modulate closed. This cycle will continue to occur as long as excessive heat is being transferred to the seal water to avoid dry running the seals and ensure an optimum seal environment.

To learn more about our EcoFlow® and to see available sizes and temperatures take a look at our EcoFlow Product Sheet.

For EcoFlow® installation, take a look at our EcoFlow Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

For benefits, design features, and sizing please review our EcoFlow Sell Sheet.

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