IC/SP Interchangeable Cartridge Scald Protection Valve


The IC/SP Scald Protection Valve is designed to drain excessively hot water from safety showers and face or eyewash systems, protecting personnel from hot water scalding and severe burns.

IC/SP valves are installed within the heated system and are pure water temperature sensing. The IC/SP will initiate flow when the thermostatic actuator senses water temperature above the valves set-point (typically 98°F (36.7°C)) and will remain open as long as the discharge water temperature is within 10˚F of the open set-point (typically above 95°F (35°C)).

The thermal actuator is always wetted, making this valve preferable for heat traced lines where scald protection flow is not required unless heat tracing fails.

To learn more about our IC/SP valve and to see available sizes and temperatures take a look at our IC/SP Product Sheet.

For IC/SP valve installation, take a look at our IC/SP Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

To see our complete line of temperature control solutions for safety showers and face or eyewash stations check out our Thermostatic Temperature Control For Emergency Equipment Brochure.

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