ECONO/HAT-RA Thermal Relief Valve

ECONO/HAT-RA is primarily used for thermal relief on booster pumps to keep them cool during idling. It can also be used to controlling cooling water outlet temperature or controlling the flow of cooling water, glycol, or other cooling media in applications requiring economical removal of heat from equipment or a process.

Since ECONO/HAT-RA valves open on rising temperatures, they can be used in many other thermal relief valve applications. These valves save space, install in seconds, and eliminate the use of extra, expensive, and time-consuming piping. The unique ram-type plug & seat provide a reliable, tight shut-off longer than any other design available.

To learn more about our ECONO/HAT/RA valve and to see available sizes and temperatures take a look at our ECONO/HAT-RA Product Sheet.

For ECONO/HAT/RA valve installation, take a look at our ECONO/HAT-RA Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

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