STVM® Steam-Water Mixing Valve


The STVM® Silent Type Venturi Mixing Valve is an automatic steam and water mixing valve designed to supply high temperature water in food processing and other industrial facilities.

The unique flow characteristics of the vortices inside the valve create a scouring action that minimizes the effects of mineral deposits on valve operation, assuring increased service life even under adverse conditions. As a safety feature, the thermal actuator in the valve outlet is designed to turn off the steam flow into the valve if the cold water flow into the valve is interrupted.

The entire internal operating mechanism (cartridge) of the STVM® valve can be quickly and easily removed as a single assembly by simply unscrewing the valve cap. This allows easy cleaning and service without removing the valve from the line.

To learn more about our STVM® Valve and to see specifications and dimensions take a look at our 1″ STVM® Valve Product Sheet.

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